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Creating a circular economy model for plastics

Protecting the environment is important to our team as we witness the rapid increase in environmental pollution and the detrimental impact of climate change.


We want to make plastic more sustainable, by working with our customers to drive positive, disruptive change across the industry.
As of today, the plastics economy is broken. We want to create solutions by rethinking our current systems and developing technologies that will seek to eliminate the linear ‘take-make-waste’ model and transform it into a system where materials can be reused infinitely.

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01. Environment & Climate

The environment is one of our key stakeholders. In recent years we have seen the effects of climate change and plastic pollution with unprecedented force. Addressing these challenges required a fundamental shift in the way we think about the plastic industry. We are committed to fighting these issues by improving the circularity of plastics while mitigating climate change.


The circular economy has the potential to shrink global greenhouse gas emissions by 39% and cut virgin resource use by 28%.

Source: Circularity Gap Report 2021

02. Providing circular economy models for our customers

We aim to work with our customers and stakeholders to create circular economy models that can enable them to meet their recycling and landfill reduction targets and resource efficiency aims. By doing this, we replace the need for fossil oil and gas with recycled raw materials.

03. Monitoring our footprint

We recognise that in the process of making plastic a more sustainable material, we will have our own impact on the environment. To manage this, we will aim to commission Life Cycle Assessments in collaboration with academic institutions and other industry professionals.

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