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Research Engineer

Job Location

Job Type

Full time

Date Posted

16 Nov 2023

About us

DeepTech Recycling Ltd (DTR) is a UK-based technology company with a passionate support for the critical global drive towards a circular economy.

Plastic is a fantastic material, providing excellent utility to society across many sectors. However, the current management of plastic waste generated is unsustainable. The world only recycles c.12% of plastic waste generated each year. This remarkable resource inefficiency means that c.88% of the plastic used in the world is either buried, burnt, or leaked into the environment. This has led to a global environmental crisis and a need for change.

DTR is on a mission to accelerate the evolution of plastic into a more sustainable material. We have technology that can turn hard-to-recycle plastic waste, such as flexible packaging, multi-layer structures, polystyrene, into feedstocks for new plastic production.

This is an exciting time for DTR as we prepare to launch our technology in our target market segments and develop commercial demonstrators with our customers. This is a unique opportunity to have an impact on the commercialization of our technology platforms. If you are motivated, enjoy a challenge and are looking to make a real impact for the future, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Job Description

1. Job summary
The Research Engineer will join our Technology Development Team and take overall responsibility for DTR’s Bench Scale Plant, “the MKII (Mark 2)”, and other R&D rigs. You will be responsible for using the MKII and R&D rigs to complete Proof-of-Concept and Technical Feasibility Studies by carrying out carefully planned trials. You will support the development of DTR’s research facilities and capabilities, and the optimization of DTR’s core technology to convert plastic waste into a valuable hydrocarbon product (Plaxx®). You will liaise / work with partner universities and other 3rd party organizations to advance DTR’s technology.
As part of this role, you will be required to spend most of your time in DTR’s lab facilities. This means that you will be required to work from the offices. Some remote working will be permitted (subject to agreement with your line manager) but this will be minimal.

2. Key Responsibilities
• To develop, specify, purchase, install, operate, and maintain R&D testing rigs and facilities. Your main focus will be the MKII bench scale plant – you will be required to develop and run testing campaigns on the MKII as required by the business and by our customers.
• To use the R&D testing rigs to continue the development of DTR’s core technology in accordance with DTR’s testing plan and Technology Road Map.
• To work with relevant stakeholders to develop bench scale plant designs and design of experiments to complete customer focused and/or internal Proof-of-Concept and Technical feasibility studies.
• To develop a database for showing the effect of input waste plastic and process conditions on product yield and quality. This database shall be developed by carrying out planned and structured bench scale trials.
• To continuously improve the design of the MKII testing facility to achieve better performance including product quality, yield, gas clean-up etc.
• To ensure that all R&D testing rigs and facilities are managed and maintained in a good, clean and orderly condition. The Research Engineer will maintain 5S standards in the R&D facilities.
• To ensure that all activities and operations are compliant with relevant legislation and regulations, and to ensure that the highest standards of Safety are maintained at all times.
• To develop and manage the inventory of spares, input waste plastics, products, chemicals and other consumables. To ensure that COSHH registers are updated to include all chemicals used and to ensure safe storage within COSHH cabinets.
• To develop, implement and maintain processes, operating procedures, work instructions, risk assessments, QA/QC processes for all testing, analytical instruments and activities.
• To ensure documentation for all R&D testing rigs are in a constant state of regulatory compliance and inspection readiness.
• To develop and participate in research projects and other ad hoc activities as may be required from time to time including developing grant funded projects and other general business development activities.
• Ensure that the highest standard of professionalism is always maintained, and that all assigned work is delivered efficiently and in a timely manner.

Necessary Skills, Competencies and Experience

1. Essential
• BSc / MSc degree (or PhD) in Chemistry, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering
• Hands-on experience developing, building, and operating R&D testing rigs or facilities within a laboratory or industrial environment.
• Experience in research planning, bibliometric studies and in designing experiments, carrying out testing, analysing results and generating reports.
• Experience optimising R&D rigs.
• Demonstrated understanding of process technology and experience developing process designs for units handling hydrocarbons at lab scale or bigger.
• Ability to creatively apply new understanding to improve process technology.
• Experience developing and maintaining operating and maintenance procedures for R&D facilities.
• Highly self-motivated with ability to work with minimum supervision and demonstrated experience working on and delivering long term projects.
• Ability to communicate clearly with internal and external stakeholders with demonstrated presentation skills.

2. Desirable
• Experience working with fluidised beds and /or multiphase flow systems.
• Practical knowledge of pyrolysis technology.
• Technical writing ability with supported evidence through publications.
• Time management and ability to work to tight deadlines.

Organisational Structure

• Role reports to the CTO
• You will collaborate with the other members of the Technology Development Team including the Lead Analytical Chemist.
• In time, you will be required to collaborate with members of Product Engineering Team.

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